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Parent Support Advisor


What does a Parent Support Advisor (PSA) do?


Maggie Williams, our PSA, is here to offer suppport, guidance and a listening ear to parents of children in our school.  She works on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and has an appointment book which can be requested from the school office.  The service is confidential and can support you with:


  • Parental/Family concerns;
  • School attendance/lateness;
  • Behaviour Management;
  • Emotional Wellbeing;
  • Parent confidence building;
  • Any concerns that you have about your child.


How do they do it?


Our PSA gives support to families in many different ways including:


  • One to one contact;
  • Meeting in school;
  • Referral to parenting courses;
  • Support in referring on to other/more appropriate services.


When might you need to contact your Parent Support Advisor?


"I have a question about parenting"

                                        "I need help getting my child to school on time"

"I'm worried about parents evening"

                                                                      "My child's behaviour is getting out of hand"

"I'm worried about my child being bullied"

                        "I would like someone to talk to"